The founder of OceanTec has been recognized as a technology innovator and provider of advanced software solutions for organizations that want to effectively manage their physical assets and facility maintenance operations.

Asset performance management with Perfekto allows companies to:

Maximize asset and vehicle lifecycles
Operate safely and efficiently
Increase earnings and available operating capital

The founders of OceanTec has been recognized as a technology innovator and provider of advanced software solutions for organizations that want to effectively manage their physical assets and facility maintenance operations. These advanced solutions combine the best features and functionality of Advanced Asset Management System with the strengths of a robust Facility Management System named Perfekto.

Our proactive approach integrates best-in-class technologies with business best practices - creating unique solutions aimed at improving productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. Our goal is to leverage technology, which optimizes your facilities, lowers transaction costs, benchmarks key indicators and eliminates maintenance of costly systems. As a consultant and system integrator, Perfekto eliminates redundancies between the various facility management, maintenance and corporate real estate departments. We work to develop a plan for integrating technology, processes and best practices that allow organizations to focus on their core competencies.

Having a team of qualifies Systems Engineers specializing in integration, Oceantec is also able to implement technology infrastructure to support our systems such as LAN & WAN, hardware and operating system.

It is therefore OceanTec's continuous commitment to continue providing essential information technology solutions to meet the local demands for day-to-day business solutions.

Why Perfekto

Perfekto helps organizations incorporate asset management into every aspect of their operations. Perfekto provides the functionality that companies need to make strategic, informed purchases, track repair work on equipment, and manage assets, maintenance, and warranties efficiently.

Plus with a modular and flexible design, Perfekto is easily tailored to meet each customer's unique needs.

Innovative Solution Managing Assets

Perfekto was designed to help users track assets, schedule preventive and predictive maintenance, improve parts management and create paperless business processes for work orders, planning and procurement. Through the module’s unique features, organizations control assets and operations and reap the benefits of greater asset performance and reduced downtime.

Perfekto helps organization with the ability to manage the work flow process which includes:

Asset Management Tracking
Work Request
Increase earnings and available operating capital
Work Order Management
Preventive Maintenance
Resource and Capacity Planning

Perfekto Features


The Perfekto “MyPage” contains a “to-do” list that allows individual users to view their allocated items awaiting action such as requisitions or work orders. Because of the Perfekto flexible interface, every user’s view can be customized based on his or her role and location in the organization.

Plus with a modular and flexible design, Perfekto is easily tailored to meet each customer's unique needs.

Multi-Organization Support

Perfekto is often used by companies located in multiple locations. With flexible Multi-Organization features, regional and national organizations can manage multiple entities with one database and apply security settings to determine a user’s access. Each site within the organization is able to view and edit its own data while using its own currency and language. These capabilities allows to consolidate and share data from across the organization.

Asset Management

Asset Management allows users to track asset costs and the movement of assets throughout their respective lifecycles. This is done using an explorer like “Asset tree” that forms relationships between equipment and locations. These relationships facilitate data collection and analysis for equipment movement, maintenance, and cost for individual assets and any groupings of assets.

With the Asset module, companies identify, track, locate, and analyze their physical assets. By compiling asset data, such as location, cost history, warranties, claims, meters, permits and documents, Perfekto helps maximize productivity and asset life.

Perfekto includes the ability to calculate and display depreciation for assets. These methods include straight-line and reducing depreciation. Having detailed depreciation information readily available provides support for decision-making without time-consuming research and inquiry with additional business areas.

Work Request

Perfekto has the ability to centralize incoming maintenance requests from internal and external customer. The Work Request module empowers operators and customer service representatives by providing all the information needed to handle maintenance, service and asset management requests right at their fingertips. It also ensures that all necessary information is gathered from the requestor to successfully complete the request.

The Work Request Module can instantly create Work orders after receiving approval from the appropriate user.

Work Order Management

From installing new equipment to issuing corrective or preventive maintenance work orders, the Work Management module tracks all aspects related to work performed on assets. The ability to track and manage work requests, labor, planning, and scheduling allows companies to make the most of their resources while improving productivity. The work management module allows users to create a work order and include multiple equipment without the need for a route.

For example, Sally, our scheduling and parts manager, uses the flexibility of Perfekto to access only the information she needs to accomplish her tasks. One of her jobs is to approve requisitions for plant maintenance. She can easily view these requisitions to see specific information, such as parts, service time, and personnel, that is needed to fill the request. After Sally reviews all the details, she can approve the requisition online. The flexible workflow engine routes the purchase and work orders according to the business logic for the action.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

PM tasks can be created based on a fixed date, flexible time period, or metered usage. Users may incorporate routes with a PM task to service multiple assets that share similar PM requirements under a single work order. Perfekto can automatically adjust PM schedules to compensate for early or late PM work accomplishment.

Resource and capacity Planning

This module of Perfekto helps the planner to efficiently setup the monthly duty roster for all employees and departments. Individual trades and shift work is considered by assigning all available resources to individual days of the month.

With the given duty roster, the available manpower and working hours for each trade, shift and department will then be calculated automatically and will help the planner to overview the entire organization workforce.

Perfekto automates the scheduling of Work Orders based on their individual start date. Based on the automatically calculated balance hours you may have to rearrange the jobs, assign more employees to that particular day or assign overtime. Perfekto recalculates the available hours accordingly and updates the affected Workorders.

The resource and capacity planning does take over the part of calculation of under – or over capacity and helps to increase the efficiency of the available workforce and ensure that tasks are carried out by the qualified Employee in time.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module monitors and controls the inventories of multiple warehouses. It supports parts receipts, issues and returns.

Perfekto Inventory management incorporates automatic warehouse replenishment methods: Min-Max or Reorder Point-Order Quantity or based on the parts which are assigned to Work Orders.

This module is designed to minimize inventory holdings while fully supporting part and supply demands.

Purchasing Management

The Purchasing Management module helps companies ensure that the right parts are ordered and keeps up with delivery times, vendor performance, payments, and goods receipts.


This functionality links directly with system purchasing records and system receipt functions. Invoices show what has been ordered from a vendor and what has been received. At any given time, a value owed to a vendor for a purchase order may be determined instantly and any invoice received from a vendor may be verified instantly.


The Perfekto Reports module enables users to select from a variety of pre-defined reports including assets, inventory, purchasing, scheduling, workorder and analysis.

Warranties and Warranty Claims

The Warranties and Warranty Claims feature of Perfekto allows users to track asset warranties and process warranty claims. Perfekto accommodates both meter- and date- based warranties. The system includes a convenient warranty claim report that can be used as hard-copy exchange with the warranting vendor or manufacturer.


Barcoding allows users to design and print labels for assets and parts. Labeling assets and parts streamlines the tracking and relocating of assets parts, parts allocation to work orders for efficient warehouse management.

Training and Services

Professional consulting, training, and technical support maximize the functionality of Perfekto. Regional, customized training classes help customers maximize the impact of Perfekto.

Customers have the added convenience with online and telephone technical support, remote diagnostics and correction tools.

Perfekto customers consistently receive the quality, reliability, and cost efficiency they need to maintain a world-class operation. Perfekto extends equipment lifecycles through advanced warranty tracking, preventive maintenance, and equipment optimization analysis. Time and cost savings experienced from inventory and consumables management, scheduling, and performance reporting result in increased earnings and operating capital.

By implementing Perfekto and taking advantage of the exceptional services, organisations can dramatically reduce costs and add to their bottom line.

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