Gold Vois Sdn. Bhd.


Our customer is one of the leading and largest distributor of VOIP and various other telco based products for the largest fixed line Telco provider in Malaysia. They have more than 200 tier 1 dealers and many more tier 2 dealers scattered throughout the country. The challenge was from the distributor to the dealers, their commission would be based on a percentage of the utilization of their products by the end consumers. In this case VOIP calls are made via the Telco’s network. With over 3 million calls per month, there is a mammoth tasks of getting the data, verifying them and then calculating the commission right from the distributor to the dealers.

Oceantec custom develop and deployed and custom built WEB based B2B system whereby the dealers would be able to communicate seamlessly and have online transactions for creating new customers and managing other related information. The dealers would also be able to receive on-line statements and status of their applications or commissions due to them based on the actual usage of their customers. Raw information is pulled directly from the telcos database server remotely and vigorous data messaging and filtering is done in order to make the information meaningful. Once the data is in the system, dealers would be able to view statistical KPIs and reports on their business.